Provide you with or recommend an appropriate Procurement IT Solution

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Depending on your specificities and constraints:

  • either we directly provide you with the e-solution that covers your need in a specific field, including the eSRM solution presented below;
  • or we can help you succeed in your e-Sourcing project (selection & implementation).

Discover eSRM, an agile web-based solution to help Drive Suppliers’ Performance!

logo-eSRM_rvb basse def pour le webeSRM is for any company, whatever their size or their organization, wishing to drive as simply, quickly and completely as possible the performance of their suppliers and/or willing to meet quality/ISO9001 requirements in terms of monitoring and evaluating suppliers’ performance and/or in terms of tracking suppliers’ non-conformances.

Ask for an online demonstration of eSRM, it’s easier to get a quick & concrete overview!

For more info, pending the demonstration, please upload the eSRM product flyer and/or read the eSRM post on our Procurement Excellence blog. You may also wish to check out a customer testimonial.

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Of course, beyond the eSRM solution, our solid e-Sourcing experience enables us to recommend – among those that exist in the market – the most appropriate solution or e-Sourcing tool intended to cover:

  • your sourcing projects: the critical steps of your sourcing process (including category management);
  • your supplier risk management process (SRM), that is to say: supplier qualification (SQ), contract management (CM), and supplier performance management (SPM);
  • your value management (procurement savings);
  • your customers relationship management (CRM)

Generally speaking, we can help you succeed in your e-sourcing project. As a preamble, feel free to get our tips to make it fail.

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