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Altaïs Academy

Altaïs Academy covers only areas where we have extensive field experience, including internationally.

Beyond the purely theoretical aspects, our trainees also benefit from (1) the many concrete examples that result from this experience and (2) from the tools that we have developed and improved over time.

2017 Catalog Trainings (available in French language, in English on specific request)

Our Catalog training courses are carried out in inter-company or intra-company. Depending on the case, they are intended for Buyers, Category Managers, Procurement Managers, HR Managers or Procurement Consultants.

Duration Price excluding Tax File
inter1 intra2
Procurement Fundamentals 5 days 2000€ 6500€ 1393003314_PDF
Sourcing using the Functional Approach 2 days 800€ 2600€ 1393003314_PDF
SRM / Supplier Risk Management 3 days 1500€ 4500€ 1393003314_PDF
Category Management & Sourcing Process 3 days 1500€ 4500€ 1393003314_PDF
Procurement Talent Management 1 day 500€ 1300€ 1393003314_PDF
Procurement Diagnosis 1 day 600€ N/A 1393003314_PDF
Change Management 2 days 800€ 2600€ 1393003314_PDF

1 : price per trainee (excluding meals and accommodation); 2 : price per session (excluding trainer’s travel expenses)

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Tailor-made Trainings

We also realize fully tailored trainings to meet your specific goals, whether those goals are related purely to Procurement or to subjects that are transverse with Procurement.

Such courses may be exclusively intended to your Procurement team. They may also be intended to other departments of your company with whom it is necessary to anchor common practices (maintenance, production, R&D, accounting, …).

With you, we design a tailor-made program. Then we develop the training related to this program and delivering this training at your convenience either on your premises or in ours.

Pragmatic Procurement Coaching, Skills Development (Procurement & Transverse)

The aim of the Pragmatic Coaching approach is to develop in a personalized way the potential and know-how of a Procurement employee; for example a Procurement Manager who needs to formalize, develop and implement his management tools to improve the efficiency of his organization in accordance with the general strategy of the company.

This approach is firstly based on a competency assessment which objective is (1) to fully understand the current level of skills of your employee and (2) to identify in detail which ones should be developed / improved. Once this done, we suggest a training or a coaching approach adapted to the need for development.

This assessment focuses on 11 sections of competencies, including 4 technical / functional competencies purely in the field of procurement and 7 transversal skills generally needed to exercise the functions of procurement. The rating of the whole as well as a personalized interview enables us to build with you a tailor-made coaching program that makes sense with respect to your business strategy.


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