Management of Procurement Improvement projects – Examples of interventions and achievements

Altaïs Conseil conducted and supported numerous Procurement Improvement projects by relying – when appropriate – on Lean Six Sigma approaches and on DMAIC methodology:

  • management of an outsourcing program at EMEA level concerning low risk processes for re-concentrating the internal teams on their core-business and on their added-value tasks
  • development and implementation of a supplier’s non-conformance management process to control/reduce non-quality costs and to improve quality of critical goods & services
  • management of an outsourcing plan concerning a warehousing service; improvement of a plant warehousing efficiency
  • development and implementation – at business group level – of a Procurement diagnostic/audit approach to align all world-wide Procurement teams with a set of common contemporary practices
  • development and implementation of a world-wide suppliers qualification approach covering all types of suppliers; roll-out – at EMEA level – of a supplier qualification program concerning high-risk suppliers (industrial services suppliers)
  • development & implementation of a Sourcing Learning & Development approach including the in-class & eLearning materials covering both processes and e-solutions
  • development and implementation – at global level – of a complete suppliers performance management approach
  • expert contribution to the design of a procurement/sourcing training approach at a group global level 
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