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Benchmarking on Black-Golden Watch Face.Altaïs Conseil performs periodic Procurement Benchmarking Studies that are submitted to a panel of Procurement Heads/Managers, Procurement Professionals and CEOs from companies of different sizes, sectors and regions/countries (*).

The principle is simple: each member of the panel is asked about 2-3 times a year to answer a Benchmarking survey (*) and of course in return he/she gets a few weeks/months later a synthesis enabling him/her in particular to see how well his/her procurement organization is, compared with others.

Interested by this approach? You just have to fill in the following form; we will answer as soon as possible to confirm your integration and to give you access to the study currently open (link + password).

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* : Member confidentiality is guaranteed: the syntheses don’t show neither their names & contact details nor the names of companies; no element is disclosed to third parties.

** : Our yearly study looking at 2016 quantitative data is currently open; the synthesis will be released to the members by end of March 2017

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