Altaïs Conseil

Company Executives, Procurement Directors/Managers of start-up, small and medium sized companies.

Altaïs Conseil – French company Grenoble-based – was born from the passion for Procurement Excellence and provides you with solutions that will help transform your Procurement function. 

Altaïs Conseil supports the transformation approach: by establishing with its clients a diagnosis of their procurement function, by guiding them in the optimization of their procurement practices and processes as well as in their choice of the associated organizational solutions and IT solutions, and also by supporting the conduct of continuous improvement projects that involve their procurement function. And of course, by helping them develop the competencies of their procurement staff through targeted trainings.  

Transforming your procurement function means streamlining and standardizing your procurement practices, your procurement processes, your procurement tools & e_solutions so to make them more efficient. This also means permanently developing the functional and technical skills of your procurement team members; this will anchor their legitimacy with their internal customers and will involve them even more naturally and still further upstream in the operating and capital projects of your company. 

Implement these optimization actions by resolutely adopting a continuous improvement approach will sustain the transformation of your procurement function so it takes its right share in your company’s value chain creation

The proposed approach is necessarily adapted to the context of your company and aims to transfer competencies, knowledge and tools to your procurement organization until its autonomy. 

Altaïs Conseil develops together with its customers a tailored procurement transformation plan. The objective is that the organization sustainably reaches the right level of mastery for the key procurement practices that will contribute in the company’s value creation. The pace of implementation, adjusted to each context, is ambitious and reasonable; the implementation timetable is limited in time.

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